Steve Fairbrother, Tom Allen, Buddy Bohn, and Gibby Gibson continue to bring more competitors to the Catalina Classic and raise the awareness of the sport, taking turns as race directors. Gibby’s house was our meeting place and Patsy tolerated our passion. We had a bigger committee then, and there was a little more delegation of duties. The ones that pitched in were Joe Bark, Cindy Cleveland, Jeff Petty, Clyde Lague, Dave Berg, Matt Murasko, Jay Russell, Bob Wyler, Kyle Daniels and Kevin Barry. The Meistrell brothers, Bob and Bill, volunteered their boat “Disappearance” as our lead boat. Glen Dexter volunteered his boat “Triton” as our lead safety patrol boat. Scott Hubbell continues to donate money and organize our sponsorship as well as coordinate the logistics for our finish and awards banquet.
Six-time winner, Kyle Daniels takes leadership as race director. The number of entrees continues to expand along with the need for more safety patrol boats. Entrees continue to grow and are capped at 100. Note: Since 1982 the number of paddlers or the size of the field has been an issue of logistics and safety. We arrived at the current number of 100 after many years of trial and error.
2012- Present
Francziska Steagall moves into race director role and revitalizes volunteerism for the race. Those that have stepped up include Bob Willis, Mike and Becky Rogers, Ruth Parish, Bill Kindel, Fred Ripley and the Scissors and Hatch families. We also want to recognize the contributions of our island friends Theresa and Ted McDowell, our lifeguard friends and the paddleboard clubs who offer support over the years- the Stingrays, the Mermaids and the Donkeys!