37th Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race Results – 2012

The Catalina Classic 2012 Race Results



(Sorted by: Overall, Paddler #, Finish Time, Last, First, M/F, Class)

# 1 2 5:11:44 BUCKLEY ADAM M U

2 87 5:19:22 RICHARDSON SEAN M U

3 80 5:25:10 MIRALLIE DONALD M U

4 88 5:26:11 ROBINSON TOD M U

5 65 5:28:34 HURSTY PETER M U

6 68 5:29:10 FIRST MAX M U

7 62 5:31:39 FREY ROCH M U

8 7 5:32:35 CHARLTON BERT M U

9 79 5:36:24 MILLER JAY M U



12 60 5:50:33 LOREN GEORGE M U

13 91 5:52:29 RUSHER SCOTT M U

14 25 5:53:25 ENDER DANNY M U

15 55 5:55:28 DIDINGER WILL M U

16 23 5:56:03 SHLENS STEVE M S

17 98 5:57:00 WEEMS DOUGLAS M U

18 10 5:59:22 WALLS MATT M U

19 56 6:00:13 DIENER BEN M U

20 42 6:01:30 CALDWELL RENO M U

21 89 6:02:37 ROMYN JOHN M U

22 24 6:03:27 ELLIS RODNEY M S

23 93 6:03:41 SHIKIYA STEVE M U

24 61 6:05:16 LOREN JON M U

25 54 6:05:26 CORNIC ALBAN M U

26 20 6:06:34 BARK JACK M S

27 92 6:13:02 SCOUTON CONRAD M U

28 41 6:16:12 ELLIS TOBIN M U

29 59 6:16:34 EHRHARD RON M U

30 34 6:17:07 SCHECKMAN JAY M S

31 17 6:18:28 O’DONNELL KELSEY F S

32 3 6:18:50 BARBOSA EDWARD M U

33 67 6:21:25 KINGSTON BRIAN M U

34 9 6:23:46 BINGHAM BRANT M U

35 8 6:24:09 ANNIS CASEY M U

36 27 6:24:34 MARSOLEK TUFFER M S

37 32 6:24:44 RESH TYLER M S

38 74 6:25:46 BEDNARK DARRELL M U

39 39 6:26:32 URUBURU GREG M S

40 4 6:27:18 BATES AUSTIN M S

41 36 6:27:48 STEPHENS JORDAN M S

42 16 6:28:32 O’BRIEN DJ F S

43 94 6:29:05 STREETER MATT M U

44 71 6:29:09 DEBOER SCOTT M U

45 85 6:29:57 PHELPS […]

All Time Conditions Make for a Fast Race

Buddy Bohn summed it up best by calling it one of the top five years he’s seen for overall weather and ocean conditions at this year’s Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race.  For those who don’t know, Buddy Bohn has been at every race for the last 31 years – since it’s reincarnation from the 20 year hiatus during the 60’s and 70’s.  And it’s no wonder that a record fell as the ever-so-humble Kelsey O’Donnell broke “Queen” Reen Corbet’s record for the fastest women’s time – a record that stood for 20 years.  The overall stock record was in jeopardy as Steve Shlens was only seconds away from breaking Gary Fortune’s 1999 stock record.  This year’s overall champion was 2010 Champ Adam Buckley, who was on the verge of not racing in early August but fortunately had a change of heart and entered this year’s race with his wedding just a few weeks away.  Good thing he did because Bud Light ponied up Caribbean cruises for the top finishers.  In addition to Bud Light’s prize, Joe Bark shaped beautiful 10′ guns for each winner, Maui Jim awarded prizes to the top finishers in each field, DaKine sent the top 3 in each class home with travel bags, and Vertra Element Protection is making sure those top finishers are well protected for their intense training with sunblock packages.  Finishing is the prize for all the racers, whether first or back of the pack.  This year was special as everyone who entered completed the race in well under the 9 hour cut-off.  In fact, this  year all paddlers made it to the finish line for the annual photo – a first in recent race history.  The race committee would like to […]

Paddler list


Here’s an updated list of those who turned in their entry.  If you are not on the list and think you should be, please contact the Race Director at  Race check-in will be Saturday at 5 pm at Buffalo Park at the Isthmus on Catalina Island.  Good luck and have a safe race.

“Dan ,Bates”
“Gavin ,Rubin ”
“Alison ,Riddle”
“Kelsey ,O’Donnell”
Adam Buckley
Donald Mirale

Registration Deadline is Today, August 10th, 2012

Paddlers, be sure to register for the Catalina Classic as today is the deadline!  Please fill out the registration info and then return to the registration page to pay using paypal.  We will update all paddlers early next week with race information.  Have a great weekend and see you in the water.   Race Director

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